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How Much Do You Get Paid to Donate Plasma?

When I donated plasma donations, the pay was 10,15,10,25, (for the first, second, third and fourth times of the month,) but that was about 8 years ago. Always call first because sometimes a promotion or coupon reward is offered. 

Plasma donors should contact their local donation center donations for specific guidelines. Income received from plasma donating is not significant, but it could certainly help someone who is really strapped for cash. Paid plasma donors can donate more frequently than voluntary blood donors.

Economic Hardship

Economic hardship has led to an increase in blood plasma donation services for offered money. While the threat of diseases treated with plasma biotherapies are very real and often quantifiable, the number of families who financially benefit from payments received from a plasma donation centers are significant as well.

Other companies (like Biomat USA) pay $ 40 the first donation and $ 60 after. Usually you can donate for around $ 40, and then come back in a couple of days and donate for another $ 40. CSL Plasma, for example, advertises $ 50 for your first two visits and Biolife Plasma advertises a $ 40 payment for your first two visits. Talecris plasma center pays the most at $60 for the first visit, $50 for the second, and $30-$40 a week after that.

How Do You Get Paid When Donating Plasma?

Plasma centers don't write checks, or offer cash rewards like in the past. Instead, most plasma centers now use a money card, similar to a debit card, to pay you for plasma donating. After you donate, the nurse scans your plasma donation bag with your ID on it, and the money is automatically added to your card. Some plasma donation centers even offer an ATM inside the center, for faster access to your cash and checking your balance.

CSL plasma money cards now have a my Visa Z rewards feature - every time you donate and get paid at CSL, you earn rewards points good toward mp3 downloads, coupons, or cash back.

How Much Plasma Centers Pay in the United States - By State

Different states have separate laws on minimum donor pay received. For example, in Illinois, the minimum pay is a large sum of $5 per donation hour, and since most donations take up to 1 hour, a donor would be paid a whopping fee of $5. Luckily, most plasma donation centers make thousands of dollars on each bottle of human plasma, so they can afford to pay more than the minimum. Here are three states I know about, average pay in each:

1.) Illinois - centers usually pay around $25 first donation of the week, $35 for the second

2.) California - one the highest paying states for donors, at $35 first, $45 dollars second time

3.) Texas - one of the cheapest, lowest paying state averages, at only $10 dollars first, $20-$30 second time around

How to donate plasma

Donating plasma is different from donating blood in it after they had drawn blood, plasma was separated and the remaining blood is returned to the donor. To ensure donors are in optimal condition to donate, they have to wait about four months between the two units of red blood cell donations. Plasma donors can donate as frequently as twice a week, however, with a 48 hour waiting period in between.

Q: How does paid plasma donation differ from voluntary blood plasma donation?

A: Paid plasma donation is the same as any other automated donation process. I assume that "selling" plasma sounds too awkward.

Why Donate Plasma?

If you do not donate then many people will die. It helps people with leukemia and other immune disorders.

For me, the extra cash is addicting, as were health survey conducted in the plasma donation center before any donations (I donated at Biotest Plasma,) so I went to donate plasma twice a week for a $ 65 reimbursement.

According to Christine Kuhinka, director of corporate communications for ZLB Plasma Services, which has a donation center at 2978 South State Street in South Salt Lake, the average monthly income for a plasma donation is valued at $ 300.

You get paid more when you become a regular donor to the Center, but only for the first few times. They take the plasma from the blood. First find a center near you. There are plenty of useful Internet ads will help you to do this. Then, you earn $ 40 for the first visit and less for others.

Centrifugation of blood plasma and directed into the plasma collection bottle. There is nothing wrong with plasma donating. If a potential donor does not meet the double red cell height and weight requirements of the protocol, a center may still buy their plasma. They are still eligible to use automated technology to donate one unit of red blood cells / one unit of plasma or platelet donation.

The pros on Donating Plasma

Let's be honest, there's a pro: you get paid. The amount that you earn for donation depends on the location and severity of the donor, but the highest paying plasma companies pay anywhere from $ 20 - $ 50 per donation, and you can give twice a week! About $ 18. After that, the $ 25 donations in the first week and $ 35 for the second donation of the week. The money is decent.

Your plasma is worth more than you'd initially think. While plasma has worth as potential rescue serum for patients receiving immuno therapy, for people struggling to put food on the table every day they receive valuable payments which are also a lifesaver.

The First Donation

My first donation was about 2 hours. The process includes an individual physician check on my first visit. You also need to do routine things like get weighed to determine how much you can donate plasma and get your blood pressure and pulse taken. It's the easiest money ever. After the first donation only takes about 45 minutes.

Who donates plasma

After searching around the 'net a bit, I found that a lot of non-homeless and non-druggie people make good money by plasma donating. Who knew that plasma was worth so much? Plasma centers do not directly set the pay- they go off how much you weigh, how often you donate, and how tall you are.

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  1. No, I realize some people are totally freaked out by needles or blood, to me that doesn't mean they should be lower on a list for receiving blood or plasma if needed.

    I get paid cash, by the way, the set pay rate for my donation center is 40, 60, 35, 35, 25, 30, 25, 30, 25 and 30, over and over, with an additional 10 on your 6th donation in the same month. Referring someone else, if they donate twice, is an additional 20.

    1. What state are you in ..cuz in Florida I got 50.50.20,40,25,40,20,35,25,40

    2. Im a donor in michigan i wait in that plasma center for over 2 2Hours to only get 20 dollars is crazy when u guys get 2,000 a bottle, the pay out should be more than that, everyone who goes there are not crackheads, or has drug issue, cls should reconsider how much u pay ur donors considering how much u guys get, i cant see waisting my time for 20 bucks, if im helping saving life's , i give the same amount of plasma each time i go, i should get paid the same amount each time i go u guys get the same amount when u sell them to cancer center and sometimes more, 20 dollars should not be a factor when donating, u people who own these plasma centers should be ashame of yourselves,

  2. wht do i do if i want to donate blood

  3. Check out as they have all the centers listed and some great articles.

  4. I've danken beer in the parking lot before I donate I've noticed that it takes me less time to donate. maybe cause alcohol is a blood thinner.

  5. thank you i've driven past the plasma place 100 times and said i should google that place what are they selling in there ? what are the people scrapping with those white coats but i continued to drive past without a care in the world i digress!!!!!


  7. Is everyone in this comments section illiterate?

  8. I've danken beer to

  9. Donating plasma makes me fell great! Win - win.

  10. Donate drunk. Its a blast.

  11. They missed my vein!

  12. Wise csl would pay more after your first 5 donations

  13. i would like to donate blood for both to help save lives and for money but my biggest consern is saving lives

  14. So if the pay is due to the weight and height does anyone know about the average pay for 195lb 5'5" (yes I am overweight, I am working on that haha). Also it says they do a short physical, what does that entail exactly?

  15. pay rates differ not only from state to state but from specific locations as well. i have been to two donation centers so far; CSL plasma in beloit, WI. (north side of town since the state line cuts beloit in half, pay rate is currently $50 for the first 5 donations and $20 1st, $45 2nd) and Biolife plasma in janesville WI, i will not go back to Biolife since not only did they pay less but i had a bad experience with excessive bleeding more than two hours after my donation, also it's just too far for the meagerly sum they pay. ($20 for my first and only donation). I am now considering a center in Rockford IL (based off of the rumor that they will pay $75, but not many leads to verify these claims).

    also: your typical plasma physical is nothing like a physical from the doc. you do NOT have to worry about leaving the check-up room feeling violated. they mainly ask you a few questions, might check your blood pressure, look for bruises, sores, open wounds, nothing to really worry about.

    1. Thank you I was wondering how invasive the exams were.


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